Producer - Songwriter - Manager - A&R 

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​​​​Evan Griffith 

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Manager of A&R and Media Strategy at Gramophone Media Inc, Evan specializes in artist discoveryproduction, PR, and management. An active musician himself, Evan has been making music since age five. From songwriting and pop production at the studio, to analyzing Bach's writing for the human voice at the organ bench, Evan  brings multifaceted musicianship to any artist collaboration. His entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have also led him to develop a range of musical acts and organizations, and cultivate lasting relationships. From signing and developing acts like American Idol's MacKenzie Bourg, MagCon's Willie Jones, and Ireland boy band sensation Picture This at Gramophone Media, to curating playlists and administering catalogues for Sony Music's Legacy acts, Evan has had a diversity of experience curating the industry's past, present...and future!​​